FAQ about Heliprobe®

Is there any risk of radiation outside of the bottle containing HeliCap (C14-urea)?
C14 is a β-emitter and the maximum β range in plastic is only 0.25 mm. Since HeliCapTM capsules are stored in plastic containers, there is no radioactivity at all outside the package. Therefore, no special shielding or protection is required when shipping HeliCapTM capsules as there is no risk of exposure to radiation from the capsules.

Do I have to take a test meal together with the capsule, e.g. orange juice?
No, you just have to swallow the capsule with a glass of normal still water. Citric acid is included in the capsule.

Should the patient be fasting before the test is performed?
Yes, if the test is to be carried out in the morning the patient should fast overnight and not eat breakfast. If the test is to be carried out later in the day, or if fasting is a problem for the patient, then a light breakfast only, e.g. tea and toast, is recommended. If the patient has eaten a heavy meal then it will be necessary to fast for six hours prior to the test.

What about antibiotics, what to do if the patient is on antibiotic treatment?
Suppression of H. pylori may lead to false negative results. Therefore, the test must not be used until after at least four (4) weeks after systemic antibacterial therapy.

And what about if the patient takes PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors) acid antisecretory agents?
At least one (1) week should pass before the test is performed, after last dose of acid antisecretory agents. This is especially important after eradication therapy.

Can the test be used during pregnancy?
The test should not be used in pregnant women. Before administration of HeliCap, information regarding pregnancy should be sought in women of child-bearing potential.